About Me

Hey there! I’m Prannay, Ex-Founder of Writee AI - an AI-based copywriting platform that helps businesses produce content better, faster and easier. Currently I am pursuing my Bachelors in Chemical Engineering at Jadavpur University, Kolkata. Being a builder, I had to become what people call a specialised generalist. That is to say I know a little about a lot of things while being in the constant pursuit of learning more along the way.

I'm a devout believer in the audacity of thought - so if you've got an idea too big for the world to digest, count me in. My core competencies lie in copywriting, full stack development, data science, finance and everything product centric. When not working on my startup, you can find me humming Indian Classical Music, venturing out to take the occasional photograph or just lying on my bed binge-watching the latest TV show on Netflix. Hit me up if you want to discuss any potential business ideas, learn more about Writee or just chat over a cup of coffee.

My Resume

at a glance

Chemical Engineering at Jadavpur University

Pursuing my Bachelors in Chemical Engineering. Have participated in multiple activities throughout college, which includes leading JU's E-Cell, organising my department's 100 year anniversary celebration and facilitating the set-up of JU's own incubation centre.

Bombay Stock Exchange

Worked on analysing and generating insights from Mutual Fund Distribution data in Eastern India. Developed and implemented the MIS-Reporting system to improve productivity and boost conversion.

Bokaro Steel Plant

Completed intensive vocational training program at Bokaro Steel Plant, acquiring comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in steel production processes, machinery operation, and quality control measures.

Writee AI

Lead Writee AI as it's Co-founder. Actively worked on product development, legal compliances and finding product-market fit. Got acquired resulting in 10-fold returns for the founders.